Wilhelm Wundt Father of Experimental Psychology
Wilhelm Wundt Father of Experimental Psychology

Biography of Wilhelm Wundt

Early Life

Wilhelm Wundt was an intellectual scientist, who was born in Manheim, Germany on 16th August, 1832. His father was a minister at that time of Luther. He received his early education while staying at his own home from his mother. After his early education he was admitted to Royal school of science where he started his formal education. After that, he was enrolled in University of Heidelberg and earned a medical degree from there in 1856. He earned many other degrees in different subjects from universities of Berlin and Tubingen.


After his education from Heidelberg University, he was offered a teaching job at the same university and he started teaching physiology there. Later on, his interest in practical work grown longer and as a result he joined Hermann Von Helmholtz as his assistant in year of 1858. Working in collaboration with Hermann Von Helmholtz, Wilhelm Wundt wrote first pioneer book of modern psychology which was named as contributions to the theory of sense perceptions.


Wilhelm Wundt was the very first person who proposed the usage of experimental methods in psychology which tend to be a very important thing in modern psychology later on. By introducing these methods the rational analysis and their role is minimized to a very low extent and it cannot influence the behavior of case study of the psychologist. After his work with Helmholtz, he started work about conscious and other processes which are about consciousness. These processes may include sensations, ideas and feelings.

Inventor of experimental psychology

Wilhelm Wundt is truly credited as the father of modern experimental psychology as he contributed tremendously in this field and did marvelous works. His book “principles of physiological psychology” is still considered as the most authentic books of this field. His work was not limited to just experimental psychology but he has explored the ways of introspection and apperception in details. He organized and conducted many researches in order to find the rule of apperception, perception, introspection and sensation on the individual behavior, mental processes and that how a common person will act if these things vary in behavior.


Wilhelm Wundt was the one who set up first experimental psychology laboratory ever in history of world. His work includes many kinds of books, publications and journals about psychology. This great psychologist died in year of 1920 on 31st of August in Germany. Whenever, psychology will be discussed or studied, the work of Wilhelm Wundt will be considered authentic in this regard.