Willem Einthoven Inventor of Electrocardiogram
Willem Einthoven Inventor of Electrocardiogram

Biography of Willem Einthoven

Early Life

Willem Einthoven inventor of electrocardiogram was a very famous inventor, doctor and psychologist of Netherlands. He is known best for his invention of electrocardiogram and it can be said that this invention led him to be very famous. He was a Dutch by the nationality and descent pattern.  He was born in the year of 1860 in the month of May on 21st day and his place of birth was as Semarang, Dutch East Indies which was located in Netherlands. This place is currently a part of Indonesia. He was just some years of age, when his mother moved back to Netherlands with all of his children and shifted to Utrecht in the year of 1870 and he was just 10 years old at that time.


After getting settled over there in Netherlands, he started his formal education. Though it was late for starting of education in that age but he worked hard in his local town school and later on moved to St. Locus College for further education. His interest was in medicine and he wanted to be a doctor from very young age. That was the reason; he chose the field of medicine in his duration of education in university, for his higher studies. He joined the University of Leiden and later on, earned a degree in medicine in the year of 1886.

Career and Achievements in the Field

After completion of his education, he started his formal career as a doctor and invented a string galvanometer to measure the ration of heart beats and to remove the false perceptions related to this thing. His work in the field of medicine does not need any introduction because he added so many contributions to the field which are indebt able.

Inventor of Electrocardiogram

His most known and most important achievement in the field of medicine was that of electrocardiogram. He invented this thing and laid the foundations of a new thought parameters about working of heart and related things. In the year of 1924, he was awarded with the Nobel Prize in the field of medicine for this remarkable achievement.


Electrocardiogram or electrocardiography is often ECG and EKG by medical professionals and in hospitals, all over the world. ECG is used to record the activities of the heart in electric form and hence it has made many things easier for heart patients and doctors. It is generally designed in form of a Tran’s thoracic reshaped instrument but its work and function is worth important. It records the electrical activities of the heart which are captured and detected by the electrodes used in instrument. Heart treatment has become much easier with its help,


He died in the year of 1927 in the month of September on 29th day. He was almost 67 years of age at the time of his death.