Biography of William Thomas Dillard

William Thomas Dillard was known as a founder of Dillard Store. As he was a person who has business mind and this was due to his parents because they have their grocery business.

Early Life

William Thomas Dillard founder of Dillard’s, Incorporation was born in America on 2nd of September in 1914. He belonged to a business class family and his parents were related to the business of grocery. After completing his early education he went to the University of Arkansas for pursuing his degree in the field of business administration. He also received his master’s degree in the same field of study from the Columbia University. He also worked as a member of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity.

Interest in the Field of Retailing

After completing his studies he got a job in Sears and Roebuck Company. He gained all necessary experience in the field of retailing from this job. Later on he started his carrier in the same field of retailing which became very successful and he became a well-known retailer of his times.

Founder of Dillard’s Incorporation

After returning to his hometown Arkansas he opened a small retail store in 1938. He started that shop in Nashville Arkansas’s small town. He borrowed amount from his father, which was an amount of 8,000 US dollars. His small business expanded by the time and he became the owner of a retail business chain with the name of Dillard’s.

Dillard Incorporation

Dillard’s Incorporation is a company of the United States of America in the field of retailing and departmental stores. The headquarters of this company is located in Little Rock, Arkansas. The main locations of this company’s stores are concentrated in two states, i.e. Texas and Florida. There are also so many other states of the United States which are being served by the departmental stores of this company. These states included Arizona, Kansas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Nevada, Ohio, Idaho, Virginia, Colorado, Alabama, Tennessee, Illinois and so many other states. The main competitors of this store chain are Macy’s and Belk. This company is being operated by the descendants of William Thomas Dillard.


He died on 8th February 2002. After him his son took over his business and became its chairman. And he died due to heart failure.



It is very difficult to settle any business but he was a very wise person and he was able to develop a very flourishing business in short time. And now his business has been extended and is now controlled by his children.