Wonderful Top 10 Nutrition Tips to Improve your Health
Wonderful Top 10 Nutrition Tips to Improve your Health

Keeping yourself healthy does not mean to starve yourself, following a tightly scheduled diet plan or depriving yourself of the basic food like vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates your body need. Instead the concept of being healthy means to eat a balanced diet that contains each and every thing your body needs to function appropriately. For people who want to stay healthy following tips would be of great value.

Nutrition Tips to Improve your Health

Take time to chew your food and eat slowly

Instead of eating in a hurry, you should chew it slowly, enjoying it and letting the body to extract useful thing out of food. It has been proven by a research that when person eats slowly less food is consumed as compared to when he eats at a fast rate.

Eating a small quantity at a time

Eating a small quantity of food several times a day is more effective than eating a large amount of food at only specific time. Starting the day with breakfast full of nutrition’s will boost body metabolic system, then throughout the day small meals will psychologically enable the person to think that he is not feeling hungry. Small meals will also reduce person craving for food.

Read the Ingredients

Before purchasing eatables, specially keeping in the view calories associated with junk food, while shopping individuals should be kept in view how food is beneficial in terms of overall nutrient content. Single healthy ingredient among list does not make a food healthy. For example baked potatoes ingredient list starts with a healthy ingredient, but the final product has same quantity of fats as that of fried potatoes. One food may be low in fat, but high on salt, so labels should be read carefully while selecting an item.

Keep Reminding yourself

The person should constantly remind her/himself, to eat healthy and less quantity of food, especially when he/she is about to take food. It is also essential that person should avoid fast food and prefer homemade food.

Drinking Water

Although drinking water doesn’t seems to be related with weight loss, but recent studies suggest that drinking large quantity of water helps to cut down calories. It is estimated that drinking 6 cups of water is related to reducing 5 pounds of weight in a year.


Taking an appetizer just before main meal will also help an individual to restrict calorie intake.  Appetizer can be soup, even some fruits like apple or it could be some raw vegetables.

Add fruit and vegetable to your diet

Adding fruit and vegetable is essential in order to keep you healthy. Fruits contain vitamin, minerals and fiber that are necessary for human body to grow. Because fiber is digested more slowly, individual tend to feel full and satisfied. Green vegetable and fruit contain vitamin A, E, potassium and calcium. These raw fruits and vegetable enhance body natural metabolic system as well as strengthen the natural antibodies.

Protein Rich Diet

Our daily food intake should contain adequate amount of protein, lack of protein can result in slower rate of growth process, different systems of body like respiratory system, and circulatory system becomes weak. A good source of protein is beans and nuts (walnut, Almonds).

Eating in a Peaceful Environment

A research has suggested that individual who take their meal while watching television, or any other distractions, their nutrients may not be properly utilized by their body as a result they will be gaining less benefit and will lead to unhealthy lifestyle. Process of digestion begins in the brain so by thinking about and smelling the food, individual can help their body benefit from the abundance of nutrients present in that meal. Research has shown that individuals who cut down on TV-watching also reduced their percentage of body fat.

Avoid sweet foods and carbonated drinks

A person may feel a quick boost of energy after having a chocolate or carbonated drink even after a glass of juice. But this feeling does not last long and person feel hungry quickly afterwards. Eating fresh fruits rather than a glass of juice is better option.


All of the above mentioned health tips if followed result in a healthy individual, while failing to follow them would result in unhealthy, lazy, stubborn, irritating person.