Zeeshan Akhter Founder of Q Mobile

Cellular Industries are the backbone of business growth and Economy. Number of cellular phone revolves in the market but nowadays the emerging phone is Q Mobile. Mian Zeeshan Akhter is the founder and CEO of Q Mobile. Q mobile stands for “Quality mobile”. The headquarters of Q Mobile located in Karachi, Pakistan.

Biography of Mian Zeeshan Akhter

Mian Zeeshan Akhter is a Founder, Chairman and CEO of Q Mobile, the number one selling smart phone brand of Pakistan. He studied from University of California, Riverside United States in 2003. Zeeshan Akhter is now the youngest entrepreneur of Pakistan’s mobile Telecommunication Industry and also he makes the name of Pakistan brighter by his innovations and his positive thinking. He is a robust entrepreneur and it is very difficult to chase him in Telecommunicating Industry. He led his Company at the age of just 30 years and reach to the peak of success.

Experience and Achievements

Mian Zeeshan Akhter has the experience of working in Lucky Goldstar (LG), Samsung, and Microsoft. Nowadays, he gives full attention to the Q mobile and its flourishes.  The philosophy of Zeeshan Akhter is that the “Brilliant people make a brilliant Company”. In November 2012, he received a souvenir of “Brand Scientist Award” for creating innovative products in a reasonable price. In 2013, he achieved 50% of market shares in Pakistan’s mobile market while in the same year he received 65% of market shares in Pakistan’s smart phone.


The major skills of Zeeshan Akhter are Mobile devices, New Business Development (NBD), Telecommunications, Market Strategy and Product management. He deeply understands the cellular and IT market in order to launch creative and innovative products. Zeeshan Akhter gave importance to the consumer’s behavior after all consumers are the target market.

Origin of Q Mobile

Zeeshan Akhter was affiliated with some distributions of Foreign Brand such as Luck Goldstar (LG) and Samsung through which he understand the Pakistani market more efficiently and effectively. By working with these two big names, he learnt how to achieve major shares of brand in market. In this way Q mobile that is “Quality Mobile” was launched in 2009 and just within 4 years it became the No. 1 selling mobile phone brand and approximately 6 year is completed of its victory. The brand motto of Q mobile is to provide the cutting edge of technology in a reasonable price to their customers and consumers.

Range of Devices

Range of devices of Q mobile comprises of some tablets and loads of phone containing touch screen, QWERTY and Wi-Fi, all running Android OS.


The prominent features of Q mobile are camera, Bluetooth, memory card, games, Multi Sim and radio and there are so many other features which is terrific for the customers.


Mian Zeeshan Ali is no doubt a hard working gentleman and nowadays he gives his best in upcoming Q mobile G115, Noir Quatro Z4 and Z5. We wish him all the best for his amazing and incredible projects.