Al –Battani Scientist of Geometry
Al –Battani Scientist of Geometry

Biography of Al–Battani

Early Life

Al–Battani scientist of geometry was a Muslim scientist of 10th century. Normally his names are used in Latin language as Albatengnius and Albatenius. On the other hand, his full name is Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibne Jabber Ibne Sinan Al –Harani Al –Sabbi Al –Battani. His father was a very well-known instrument maker who was very much famous in Haran. He was born in 858 in Harran. He got his early education from his father staying in home who was a famous scientist and instrument maker too. After this, he travelled to Raqqah and got fame as a scholar and completed his further education there. His family members were believers of stars which mean that they worshipped stars but Al –Battani was not a star follower because his name Abu Abdullah Mohammad shows that he was a Muslim Scientist.


He was a very well-known astronaut of Arab world and he made remarkable true astronomically predications. He made most of his astronomical observations in Ar –Raqqah and this place became popular when caliph Haroon al -Rashid built many well-known places there. He made remarkable efforts in fields of geometry, astronomy and astrology. In field of astronomy he proposed his own astronomical tables which studied the movements of planets, sun and moon. His observations about moon and sun were considered correct for a long time.

Further Achievements

Al –Battani made numerous remarkable efforts in different fields. Some of his works can be stated as he classified and named almost 500 stars and in this work, he studied these stars too. He mentioned the values of a year which he said as a year consists of 365 days, 5 hours, 46 minutes and 24 seconds. He worked and described different seasons and their properties.

Inventor of Geometry

Al –Battani didn’t used existing geometric methods and instead of it he studied and mentioned trigonometric methods which are more used now. He studied about sun and mentioned possible eclipses of earth from sun as he said that distance of earth from sun varies in different conditions. Al –Battani is considered as the most prolific scientist of Muslim world as he studied sun, moon, planets, stars and other aspects of nature in different and broad ways. His developments are considered in field of science for many reasons. He laid a great influence on later scientists e.g. Kepler and Galileo.


His death is very debatable according to different historians because they say that year of his death is not confirmed but as a whole and most of the historians agree that he died in 929 in a town near city Mosul in Iraq. He can truly be said as he used his life for the sake of humanity and served it for almost 70 years.