Alessandro Volta Inventor of Electric Cell
Alessandro Volta Inventor of Electric Cell

Biography of Alessandro Volta

Early Life

Alessandro Volta inventor of electric cell was an Italian scientist who worked in the fields of physics and chemistry and invented many important things. He was a person who is considered as the base of modern development. Alessandro Volta was born in 1745 in a strict catholic family in Italy. He studied in a Jesuit school to get his early education and he was praised by all his teachers because they were thinking that he can be a good Jesuit priest. Volta was very much interested in the fields of electricity and electronics and this thing lead him to invent a most remarkable thing in this field.


He believed that, in body of humans, there is a condition where all charges are neutralized and this thing can be transferred by putting any outer force on it which will change that state of particles of charges. He stated that there is another condition where body gets electrically charged by itself. Going further in this field, he studied electrical induction to find out answers of his questions. Instantly he invented some devices which could store charge and this thing made him one of the famous scientists of that time. He was invited to visit different countries and to help them out in this field.

Further Achievements

Dc Saussure was a Swiss geologist who had created some electronic instruments. Volta was the person who modified his instruments and made them more precise in a way to use them more easily and made them more functional. He made some changes to other instruments also and one of these instruments was eudiometer. This instrument was used to measure the volume and composition of gases. He was the person who found that there is almost 21% Oxygen in our atmosphere.

Inventor of Electric Cell

One of his most remarkable and renowned work was that of invention of electric cell. He was the guy who rejected the galvanic idea of animal’s electricity. He made many experiments himself and he was shocked to see the results. He discovered that electric current which was found by Galvani could be passed through wires and other metal materials. This was the experiment which led him to make further experiments and eventually as a result, he was successful in inventing first electric battery ever.

Electric Cell

This battery can be said as the base of modern inventions and development because almost everything runs on this battery. He introduced the methods to measure the electrical tension which is not called as Volt as it was named on his name.


Alessandro Volta made an important addition to field of chemistry. Later on, after the invention of eclectic battery, he retired in 1819. He died in 1827 when he was almost 82 years of age.