Be careful: Soft Drink proved to be a Slow Poison
Be careful: Soft Drink proved to be a Slow Poison

Health is a tremendous blessing of Allah and it is important like a salt because when you eat meal without having salt in it, it destroy your taste likewise health destroys your taste of life.

Soft Drink

Soft drink is a beverage and has the worst side effects on the human health and physique. Soft drink or Soda is full of carbonated water; sweetener and artificial flavor. Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, String, Dew are the soft drinks which plays the vital role in spreading the diseases all over the world.

Health Concern

Over consumption of soda leads to obesity, brain tumors, diabetes, emotional and mood disorders, aggression, stomachache, liver problem, certain cancers, dental issues and dehydration etc.

Obesity: By consuming the soda which contains sugar, make the people chubby and obese. Soft drinks are one of the big factors of fatness and many people who seems to be overweight is just because of the charisma of soft drinks.

Brain Tumors: No doubt, Soft drinks are dangerous but even diet sodas are also the cause of severe diseases mainly, brain tumor because in diet drinks, aspartame is used as a substitute for sugar which may cause brain tumor.

Diabetes: Soft drinks flourish the peril of diabetes as it contained high amount of sugar. Sugary drinks enhance the danger of type 2 diabetes and other chronic syndromes. Basically the type 2 diabetes is an insulin resistance because the body becomes unable to use appropriate amount of insulin so type 2 diabetes take place.

Behavioral Disorders: Soft drinks also impact on behavior. One study of authors Sara J Solnick1 and David Hemenway reported that large amount of sugar affects your mood as well as bring aggression especially in adolescents. Fighting, gloomy behavior and even thought to suicide arises by drinking too much soda.

 Stomach Problem: Soda have Phosphoric acid when it takes then phosphoric acid combine with stomach acid and make the indigestion process slow so stomach issues arises.

Certain Cancers:  Soft drinks have caffeine which associates with certain cancers, hypertension, and breast lumps etc. Caffeine also disturbs the sleeping pattern and bring insomnia when take in heavy quantity.

Dental Issues:  Consuming soft drinks on regular basis causes the plaque on teeth and also leads to cavities and gum infections.

Kidney Failure: Many researches reveal that kidney failure is one of the big reasons of taking soft drinks. In Foreign countries people use soft drinks more than the water which is highly risky for their health.

Doctor’s Point of View

Many doctors are against of drinking so called soft drinks which are venom and play a role of slow poison. Health experts advise the society not to use soft drinks in early morning, late night or with empty Stomach because at that time your body need water not soft drinks which is the artificial substance and unnatural things always harmful.

Doctor Waseem’s Opinion: Doctor Waseem Ahmed associate with Pakistan Institute of Medical health says that the people should use pure water instead of soft drinks.

Doctor Khawaja’s Opinion: Doctor Khawaja also participates in this debate by saying that the lemon juices, milk soda and homemade drinks are much better than soft drinks. He suggest that do not use soda at Dawn, Dusk and with empty stomach because it cause Diarrhea, Dehydration, Gastro, Kidney problem and even cancer.

Doctor Adeeb Rizvi’s Opinion:  Doctor Adeeb Rizvi, Head of Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT), Karachi said that avoid soft drinks as it causes the kidney problem. Rather taking soft drinks you can take a fresh juice which gives you energy.


In a nut shell do not drink soft drinks as it is a silent killer and will snatch your health soon. Soft drinks are hazardous to health and even doctors and nutritionists are against of consuming Soda. So open your eyes and start drinking fresh juices instead of soft drinks and also aware your love ones because we get life only once.