Bruno Abakanowicz Inventor of Spirograph
Bruno Abakanowicz Inventor of Spirograph

Biography of Bruno Abakanowicz

Early Life

Bruno Abakanowicz inventor of Spirograph was born in the year of 1852 on 06th of October in Ukmerge, Lithuania which was the part of Russian Empire. He got his early education from local school in Ukmerge and after that he studied further. After his initial study, he joined Riga technical University for further education. He earned his graduation degree from the mentioned university and later on moved to University of Lwow. The university was a technology based university and there he started his assistantship.


Bruno completed his education and after that started to think about his own career. As mentioned above, he joined Technical university of Lwow for his assistantship in the year of 1881 and that was his first ever practical work experience of the field.  Later on, he migrated to France and tried to buy a villa. He got succeeded in that and hence as a result, he purchased that in the Paris which was located in Parc St. Maur. He is always considered as a scientist.


He was kind of an electrical engineer specially but his work list of professional tasks was not just limited to this field. He was also a mathematician and inventors of many things. His inventions for Mathematics and other fields are considered as very important. Some of his famous inventions are considered as Spirograph, Parabolagraph and most specifically the Integraph. Integraph is considered as one of his very first inventions which led him to be a successful scientist and most specially a mathematician later on. He also invented the electric bells for trains and a specific electric arc lamp which he designed by himself.

Inventor of Spirograph

Bruno Abakanowicz is widely credited as inventor of Spirograph which is kind of very important instrument in mathematics. It can be considered as toy that is used in geometry in mathematics but its functions are very important.


It is used for producing roulette curves in mathematical format. These curves are termed as epitrochoids and hypotrochoids. It is also used in many software and that to describe those, which work on the same principal of these mathematical curves. It is also termed as a synonym of epitrochoid because of its work which is much similar to this unique instrument. Bruno invented the Spirograph in any time between the decades of 1880s and 1890s but the actual time is not known. The spirograph design by him was used for variety of tasks at that time. If there was any area which was delimited by curves then the spirograph was used to use to measure that area at that time.


He is considered as a legend of his own field and his inventions in different fields are not in the need of any kind of introduction.  He died in year of 1900 on 29th August in his own villa in France.