Charles Fabry Inventor of Fabry Perot Interferometer
Charles Fabry Inventor of Fabry Perot Interferometer

Biography of Charles Fabry

Early Life

Charles Fabry inventor of Fabry Perot Interferometer was a very famous scientist and physicist of France. He is known best for his invention of Fabry Perot Interferometer and it can be said that this invention led him to be very famous scientist of the field of physics. He was French by the nationality and descent pattern.  He was born in the year of 1867 in the month of June on 11th day and his place of birth was as Marseille which is located in France. He earned numerous awards for this invention within and outside the France and all was just due to his hard work and passion for the field.


He started his formal education from local school in Marseille and studied there till completion of his primary. After that, he joined a college in city to study the high classes and remained there till the completion of those classes. Later after, he moved to Ecole Polytechnic institute which is one of the best known institutes of Paris. He earned his bachelor’s degree from there and for further education, moved to University of Paris. He studied there for three years and as a result, earned his PhD degree in the year of 1892, just in the age of 25 years.


His field of studies were as mostly related to that of optics and spectroscopy and he was a specialist professional of these fields. After completion of his studies, he stared his formal career when he joined the Marseille as a professor of physics and he worked there for a long duration of 25 years. Later on, he worked in many other universities and institutes as a professor of the physics and made numerous contributions to the field.

Inventor of Fabry Perot Interferometer

His work as a scientist in the field of physics is very well known but his contributions to the field of optics are the edge holder in the field and helping him to be considered as a big giant of these fields. He invented the Fabry Perot Interferometer with two other scientists who were his colleagues too but his contribution was worth main in it. This is the reason, whenever Fabry Perot Interferometer is considered, he is considered as its inventor.

Fabry Perot Interferometer

It is also named as an Etalon and is a special form of optical plate which consists of transparent material and comprises of two surfaces which are capable of reflection. These two surfaces are also shuffled with the two reflecting mirrors sometimes and it works for the showing of the wavelength in manner that high peaks of wavelength or large transmission can be exhibited through it.


He died in the year of 1945 in the month of December on 11th day. He was almost 78 years of age at the time of his death.