Difference between Democratic and Republican
Difference between Democratic and Republican

In any nation, government plays a vital role on which the whole citizenship depends. And all the progress of the state is totally dependent upon the government laws and vision. The political positions of the self-ruled and the republican parties on chief issues such as the taxes, role of government, any kind of refuge that may be included social one or Medicare, healthcare, abortion and gay rights is highly significant. These two of the parties dominate America’s political system but differ in so many scenarios; this content will be further studying the overall difference between Democratic and Republican.

What is Democratic

When it comes to the democratic system, their philosophy strikes to liberalism, they are more concerned with liberalism. As far as their economic ideas are concerned, minimum wages and liberal taxes are there for the class, the taxation means high tax rates for higher income brackets. One of the fundamental differences is the role of government. Republicans favor a small government whereas the democratic parties favor a big and a wide government. Democrats strongly argue with the unemployment thing as citizens are suffering in betrayal.

What is Republican

On the other hand, republicans are conservatives and they mainly believe that taxes should not be increased for anyone either being from high or low class, the equality should be there. The wages would be set by business and free markets so that everyone i.e., either wealthy or poor remains at the same level. On the other hand, republicans are of the view that a fraud is going on which is destroying the nation and dollars as well. Republicans are of the view that minimum wages shouldn’t be raised because it badly hurts the business.

Democratic VS Republican

Do They Favor gay Marriages? An important aspect of party! 

According to the democrats, they do support gay marriage. And in the view of democrats its legal to support gay marriages. But according to the republicans, it’s illegal to consider the marriage is against the law. A man and woman is supposed to get married and it’s illegal to support gay marriages this is the only reason why republicans strongly oppose gay marriages.

Views on Abortion and Death penalty!

 According to the democratic parties, abortion should not be made illegal and do support roe v, wade. But according to some democrats they do disagree. So there are two schools of thoughts in Democratic Party on the case of abortion. When we consider the death penalty, it is also strong among the democrats, and the opponents of the death penalty are as substantial fraction of the democratic base.

When it comes to the views of republicans, they say abortion should not be legal and they do appose Roe v. Wade which some republicans disagree. As far as the death penalty is concerned they strongly support the death penalty long with the large majority of republicans.

Which States are Famous and what are the Social and Human ideas? 

In America’s system, the human ideas are based on the community and social responsibility. The renowned states are California and Massachusetts.

When it comes to the humanistic social ideas of the republicans, they are entirely based on the individual rights and justice. The renowned states of the republican Americans are Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas.

A Glimpse to the Symbol, Senate Leader and Chairperson Of these two political parties!

 When it comes to the symbol of democratic is donkey and it was developed in 1824, with its senate leader Harry Reid. Their famous presidents are Franklin Roosevelt, john F, Kennedy and barrack Obama.

On the other hand,the republican’s symbol is elephant and it was developed in 1854 along with its senate Reince Priebus. Their famous presidents are Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Richard Nixon.

Conclusion: Both parties have their own rules and regulations but both are them are strictly following the American Constitution. And now Harry Clinton is nominated from Democratic Party for the election of 2016. And on the other hand from republicans Donald Trump is being nominated for the election of 2016. Whats your favourite party? and which points you condemn for which party?

Their official Sites!

For republicans, their official site is www.gop.com

For democratic, they use www.democrats.org