Difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
Difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are driving the race to be president in 2016. This general election match would be conflict of two political titans. There are also other nominees for President but these two are the true competitors of each other. Ratings will be through the rooftop. Voters will select from these two candidates. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both are politicians. And in election of 2016 both are nominated for the position of president. In this article we are going to discuss some contrasts between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is an American legislator and the chosen one of the Democratic Party for post of President of the United States in elections of 2016. The name of Hillary Clinton spouse is Bill Clinton and her children name is Chelsea. Religion of Hillary Clinton is Methodist. She provided her services as 67th “United States Secretary of State” from 2009-2013.

 Donald Trump

Donald John Trump was born on 14 June, 1946 and an American businessperson, TV character, creator, legislator, and the Republican Party had chosen one for President of the United States in election 2016. His wife name is Mala Maples.

Hillary Clinton VS Donald Trump

  • Born

Hillary Clinton was born on 26 October, 1947 in Chicago. And she is 68 years old.

Donald trump was born on 19 June, 1946 in New York City and now his age is 70.

  • Party

Hillary Clinton is actually an American politician and belongs to Democratic Party for 2016 elections for president of US.

Donald trump is actually an author, businessman, politician and television personality and belongs from republic party as a nominee for president of US.

  • Elective office

Hillary Clinton initially stood in elective office in year 2001 and ventured down from a chose position in year 2009. Clinton has provided her services as chosen official for sum of 8 years, which is 7 not exactly the mean 2016 presidential applicant, which shows that she had an experience of 15 years.

Donald Trump never stood in elective office and this election is first election for him.

  • Gay rights

Talking in Senate in year 2004, Hillary Clinton demanded that marriage is “not just bond but a scared bond between a man and a woman.” She didn’t put stock in Constitutional Right for gay marriage till 2015.

Trump was encouraging Congress to alter the Civil Right Acts to stretch out insurance to gay individuals as ahead of schedule as February 2000. “It’s only fair,” he said in a meeting with The Advocate.

  • Iran and Iraq issues

Clinton voted to approve military power in Iraq; later contradicted troop increments and pressed for withdrawal. She was in support of Iran agreement. As Secretary of State, she laid the foundation for approvals on Iran and transactions on agreement.

Trump said that he would dismiss the Iran atomic deal and re negotiates it. Trump claims that he contradicted Iraq war previous to the attack. He communicated early concerns related to expense and courses of war a couple of months after it started.

  • Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Clinton was additionally measured in her reaction to the TPP. When she was serving as Secretary of State, Clinton with her staff attempted to conclude and pass TPP trade contract.

Trump has thrashed all exchange deals, including the TPP and saying that they weren’t arranged well and terms ought to have been made greater for the United States.

Conclusion: From the above article we can conclude that Hillary Clinton has more and excellent political experience as compared to businessperson Donald trump. And the probability of being nominated as a President is high of Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump has given many controversial statements on many issues. The roles of president of America are clearly stated in American Constitution. What are your views on this? Who will be elected?