Difference between RAM and Hard Disk

PC stores its data and memory in two types of gadgets that are called RAM and Hard Disk. Short term and temporary is stored usually in RAM and changeless or long haul data and memory is stored in hard disk. Both are the basic parts of computer. In the event that discussion about contrast, distinction between them resembles two different directions.


RAM (Random access memory) is a type of PC data storage which usually stores every now and again utilized program guidelines to expand the general speed of computer. RAM is a gadget that permits information to be perused or written in nearly a similar measure of time regardless of the physical area of information inside the memory.

Hard Disk

A hard disk drive (HDD) is an information storing gadget utilized for storing and recovering computerized data utilizing at least one inflexible quickly pivoting plate (platters) covered with magnetic material. The platters are combined with magnetic heads positioned on moving actuator arm that reads and compose information on platter surfaces.

RAM VS Hard Disk

  • Meaning:

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a memory in PC that requirements electricity stream to keep information. Programs, OS and different procedures require RAM to take care of business; however it is unpredictable or volatile memory.

Hard disk (HDD) is just storage in simple words a place where a person can store and erase data. It is only the matter of how enormous is your size to keep them. Hard disk is predictable or non-volatile memory.

  • Memory:

RAM keeps data till the time when computer is running. All the data will be deleted consequently when we switched off the computer.

When we save any data in computer it is permanently stored in hard disk of computer and it will not delete when we shut down the computer.

  • Size:

As of now, RAM is accessible from 256MB-8GB.

The size of hard disk begins where the size of RAM usually ends. The size of hard disk is accessible in market is from 10GB to 8TB.

  • Appearance:

RAM appears like only a chip which contains a few circuits.

Hard disk is like a machine having different parts like plastic disk, platters, magnate, reader and writer bar.

  • External:

When space of hard disk becomes short for the user, user can utilize the external hard disk for the data storage purpose.

When space of RAM becomes short for the user, there is no alternative for outside removable RAM.

  • Purpose:

Fundamental purpose behind RAM is to quick the execution of system. If the RAM is low, the speed of system will also be low. RAM works speedier as compare to hard disk

Principle purpose behind hard disk is to store data. On the off chance that there is hard disk of low capacity then there will be less effect on speed of the system.

  • New window:

A request of extra RAM does not require new Window.

In the event that you need to replace your hard disk, then it will only be workable after new Window.


From the above article we can conclude that RAM is a temporary storage gadget while Hard disk is a permanent storage gadget for data.