Difference between Sodium and Salt
Difference between Sodium and Salt

In chemistry, salt is something associated with life and something that is termed as a Saltish taste. When we say salt, this refers to the table salt which contains Sodium Chloride (NaCl). Salt forms when acid and base gets combined and in that reaction salt is produced.. But, no one knows, there is a huge difference between Sodium and Salt, what is that. Let’s define them first.


Salt is the ionic compound, which is formed with the emergence of sodium and chlorideIt is translucent, colourless and odourless in nature.


Sodium is a metallic element occurring in nature in combined state. Salt is the major source from which it occurs in huge quantity.

Is Salt Sodium? A controversy! Salt is considered as a taste of Saltish grains. Many people call salt sodium. Why is it so? It may be because of existence of sodium in salt. In markets, different kinds of salts are available. For example, sea salt, iodized salt, mineral salt etc. Its taste is sweet and sometimes sour.

Now, the term salt has been replaced by sodium because of the chemical development of salt. According to chemists, there is an amount of 40% sodium present in salt and remaining 60% is chloride. For beings, it is a belief that salt is the only source from which sodium comes out. But this is not the fact.


Sodium (Na) is a chemical and is highly essential for health. It’s a chemical compound which is found in almost every food we take in our daily routine. The existence of sodium is prevailing everywhere, either canned foods or frozen foods, they contain sodium in them. So, salt is not the only source from which sodium extracts.

How much Sodium, a Body Needs? 

Well! 2,400 mg sodium is recommended to be taken per day, which is more suitable for adults. This quantity is recommended on the basis of one teaspoon and this one teaspoon is enough to be taken. The patients who are suffering in diseases generally consume less.

Too Much Sodium, A killer of Human soul! Salt is being avoided by many people today. The patients of high blood pressure and those suffering from other diseases avoid salt, as it holds sodium. To eradicate salt is the not solution but to eradicate sodium is important. As human body already contains sodium, so sodium intake should be less in quantity. There are still some types of food items that contain sodium, which can kill you, leaving you in diseases. Generally processed meats, canned items, outside junk food like pizza, ketchup, pickles and sausages etc. usually contains high quantity of sodium.

How can I reduce the Sodium I Consume? There are many ways to reduce it, as follows:

  • Always go for fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • If you are going to eat canned items, first wash them two or three times from which quarter of salt will be removed.
  • Always go for fresh meats.
  • A food which contains 50 grams in serving usually contains low sodium.