Biography of Dr. Ronald Stordahl

Early Life

Dr. Ronald Stordahl founder of Digi-Key was born in the United States of America. There is less information about the early life of this person. But from his achievements we can say that he was a man with fabulous skills and many other qualities. In his college life he was very fond of doing new things with technology by assembling different parts. He got his PhD degree in the field of Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

Interest in the Field of Engineering

As discussed earlier that from his college life he was interested in the field of technology. He was very interested in this field as he started his business of selling digital electronic key from his college life. Later on he developed his carrier in this field and became a business tycoon of the United States of America.

Founder of Digi- Key

After doing his PhD from the University of Minnesota he came back to his native town Thief River Falls and began his previous business but this time he stopped selling keyer kit and started doing business in electronic products in 1972. His business grown by the time and his company became famous with the name of Digi- Key Corporation.

Digi- Key Corporation

Digi- Corporation is a company of the United States of America in the field of electronic appliances. This company is regarded as the fastest progressing company as the distributor of electronic products throughout the world. This company is involved in the distribution of electronic components all over the world. This is a private company with annual sales of more than $1.5 billion per year.  The number of employees are more than 2,400. This is ranked as the fourth largest company in terms of electronic components distributor in North America. When we talk about the whole world it is ranked number fifth in his field.


As he was a person who has a business mind and has keen interest in the field of electronics and now his company is amongst the leading company of the world. Due to his interest and devotion he was able to achieve this place in the market and now he is considered as a renowned business man.  And due to his interest he was able to achieve this place in the market.