How to Do Literature Review
How to Do Literature Review

A literature review illustrates published information in a specific subject area and information in a specific filed within a limited time period. A literature review can be a brief synopsis of the sources, but it normally has an organized pattern and amalgamates both synthesis and summary. A summary is a recap of the major information of the sources and a reorganizing, of that information. The literature review evaluates the sources and informs the reader on the most relevant or applicable. A literature review can be conducted through different ways.

Start your Research: Explain what your topic and objective will be. Make a list of keywords and synonyms by using dictionaries and encyclopedia. Moreover, there are four steps of conducting a literature review.

  • Searching for the accessible literature in your area of interest/study
  • Examine/study the selected literature
  • Make a theoretical framework
  • Make a conceptual framework

Searching for the already present literature: There are three sources through which anybody can search existing literature like

  • Books
  • Journals
  • The Internet

Well, books and journals are more authentic sources for conducting literature review as compared to internet. There are online journals as well available on internet but make sure to use authentic source for conducting literature review.

Study the selected Literature: Once you have searched the source than you need to identify the books and articles that are useful. The next step is to read or analyze the material critically to find out the issues and major themes. Through literature review numerous themes emerged that normally becomes the base of developing theoretical framework. Once you have developed a rough theoretical framework, find out the themes and note it down on a separate sheet.

Make a Theoretical Framework: The information collected through journals and books now needs to be sorted under the major issues, themes and theories. Once you will start reading the literature, you will find out the problem easily that you need to investigate. Making a theoretical framework helps you to identify the unanswered queries and problems but for this purpose, you need to analyze some of the literature critically. On the basis of read literature you can further develop a theoretical framework. Theoretical framework focused to describe the relation between mortality and infertility.

Make a conceptual framework: Theoretical framework is based on theories and issues whereas, conceptual framework explains the aspects you selected from theoretical framework to become the grounds of your enquiry. The conceptual framework focused on indicators to evaluate the failure and accomplishment of the approaches to improve community responsiveness.

Writing a Literature Review: Writing a literature review serves various functions such as,

  • It offers a theoretical background to your study in an effectual manner.
  • Permit you to contextualize your findings.
  • Make you able to show that how your findings and work contribute into the already present literature or knowledge.
  • It enhances your area of knowledge effectively.
  • It is helpful in adding your research findings and enhances your methodologies.