How to Write Thesis
How to Write Thesis

Before knowing How to write thesis, everybody should know what basically thesis means.

Definition: A thesis is a lengthy and detailed research paper especially done in partial performance of the requirements for a Bachelor or graduate degree. A thesis normally comprises of an argument or we can say, a series of arguments amalgamated with the discussion regarding research anybody has undertaken. It may be simply called to adapt others research plan for the situation you are intended to investigate or going to do further research in your knowledge area. There are different steps of writing thesis that we will discussed below.

Cover Page Covers Title and Personal Information: The first steps will be title of your research thesis. It will be done on the cover page but make sure that your title identifies the topic clearly than do add information about your

  • Institution Name
  • Degree Name
  • Date (include year as well as month)
  • Qualification and the year in which you are presented your research thesis.

Declaration: It states that the material used has not been copy pastes and original one.

Acknowledgement: In this part, say thanks to those who supported you in your work, it generally include your research supervisor. In this section, you are open to express your feelings but make sure to be optimistic.

Table of Contents: It consists of your research work in the form of chapters. In short, in this step researcher divide the work in specific portions.

Abstract: Abstracts consist of thesis summary, objectives and focus of literature review. In abstract, researcher tells about the methods of research that whether he/she has used Quantitative method of Qualitative method for the research. But abstract is the step that should be done in the end.

Introduction: Introduction in the research thesis covers the background information plus the motives that persuade you to do research in your selected field. Introduction also covers few things like

  • Motivation behind your research
  • Theoretical starting point
  • Outline of successive chapters

Literature Review: Purpose of literature review is to show your readers about the issues, you are going to investigate. It also explains the readers about your analytical ideas as well as in which field you are going to contribute. In this section, researcher normally sites different sources so issue of plagiarism can be detected so be careful. Literature review in short fulfills the aims of the research thesis.

Methodology: It presents the overview of philosophical framework within which you see your analysis. It presents methodological approach and explains the methods of analysis of your research. Well, for a research thesis related to literature make sure to go for Quantitative methodology whereas, language based research can be done through Qualitative methodology.

Results/Conclusion: It tells the readers about your findings and data. What you have analyzed and how did you analyzed the data. Important thing is that use past tense here. Moreover, discuss about your findings carefully and rechecked before submission. Also provide your conclusion completely as well as express throughout experience of your research while writing your research thesis.

References/Bibliography: It includes the material you have used and consulted while writing research thesis. It should be in alphabetical order and should not include any inauthentic references.

Glossary/Index: It is helpful for reader that where the context of the research is present in your thesis plus also provide key terms of your topics.