John Boyd Dunlop Inventor of Pneumatic Tire
John Boyd Dunlop Inventor of Pneumatic Tire

Biography of John Boyd Dunlop

Early Life

John Boyd Dunlop inventor of Pneumatic Tire was a very famous inventor and scientist who belonged to the Scottish nationality and descent pattern. He is known best for his invention of Pneumatic tire which changed the dimension of travelling industry and specifically the tire industry. He was born in the year of 1840 in the month of February on 5th day and his place of birth was as Dreghorn, North Ayrshire which is located in Scotland. He was not only an inventor but in spite of that, he was among one of the founders of the rubber company which later on laid the basis of tires and rubber in the world.  He was not from any high class family and was born on a farmhouse in the place mentioned above.


He started his education in a quite young age when he was just some years old. He was admitted to local Grammar School in Dreghorn and he started studying over there. He was interested in field of medicine from a young age and wanted to be a doctor later after. After the completion of initial education, he earned his higher secondary school certificate from a college in the city and then moved to a university for higher education. He got admission in Dick Vet which is a part of University of Edinburgh and started studying over there. His field of study was as like his choice and he had chosen the field that of veterinary surgeon. He completed his study in the field and earned his degree after some years.


After the completion of his studies, he started his formal career in the same field in which he had studied.  He had continued this career and field for a period of more than 10 years and had moved to Ireland for that thing.

Inventor of Pneumatic Tire

He had settled a clinic of veterinary medicine down there in Downpatrick in partnership with two of his brothers. Later on working in the field he invented the first ever pneumatic tire and he didn’t had any intention to make that invention. He invented the first tire for the cycle of his son and it happened in the year of 1887. This tire was made up of rubber and soon he realized that, he had invented something very important and significant.

Pneumatic Tire

A pneumatic tire can be said as special form of tire which was made up of sheet rubber including a inflated tube inside it. Later on, this led the other scientists to invent later and much modern forms of rubber tire and hence succeeding in the formation of a new scientific world of tires.


He died in the year of 1921 in the month of October 23rd. He was almost 81 years of age at the time of his death.