Jorg Schlaich Inventor of Solar Updraft Tower (SUT)
Jorg Schlaich Inventor of Solar Updraft Tower (SUT)

Biography of Jorg Schlaich

Early Life

Jorg Schlaich inventor of Solar Updraft Tower (also known as SUT) is a very well-known scientist and inventor. He is known best for his invention of Solar Updraft Towerand this invention made him a pioneer of the field of physics and electrical sciences. He is a German by the nationality and descent pattern.  He was born in the year of 1934 in the month of October on 21st day and his place of birth was Germany. He is a structural engineer by the profession and is considered as an authority in his own field.


He started his formal education in a young age and after its completion, he chose the field of architecture and civil engineering. For this purpose he joined Stuttgart University and studied there for a period of two years, from 1953 to 1955. Later on, he joined the Technical University of Berlin and completed his studies from there, in the year of 1959. Later on, he moved to USA and spent two of his years in Case Western Reserve University in United States of America.

Inventor of Solar Updraft Tower

As Jorg was an architect by profession hence he is widely credited as the inventor of his very famous Solar Updraft Tower. He invented this tower in the year of 2001 and opened the foundations of new and renewable electricity resources for a long time.

Solar Updraft Tower

Solar Updraft Tower is also termed as SUT and is a special form of tower which is used for some specific kinds of purposes. It was invented in the year of 2001 by the very famous scientist of Germany Jorg Schlaisch. This plant is generally a power plant which renews the energy and is used to generate the electricity from the solar power of the sun. Sun heat is the biggest constituent of the heat and it is a form of energy. This energy is captured by the Solar Updraft Tower which includes the many solar panels. The energy captured, is converted to electrical energy from heat energy and as a result the SUT works.

Current Situation

Currently, he is not working anymore in the field because he is very aged now as of almost 80 years. He is best known for his inventions and his own firm Schlaich Bergermann and Partner.