Samuel Colt Inventor of Revolver
Samuel Colt Inventor of Revolver

Biography of Samuel Colt

Early Life

Samuel Colt inventor of revolver was a very famous industrialist of United States of America. He is well known for his invention of revolver. He was an American from the nationality and was born in the year of 1814. His date of birth was as 14th July and place of birth was as Hartford, Connecticut which is located in United States of America. His father’s name was Christopher Colt and he was a farmer by profession. Though his life in childhood was surrounded with many kinds of problems and he saw every one of his family dying and committing suicide one by one after different accuses. Despite of this thing, he managed and coped with everything and spent a very successful life later after.

Education and Work

He was not as much educated due to all the problems he faced in his childhood and he went to school for the first time when he was almost eleven years of age and was living to home of a farmer. Soon after studying for three to four years and just to get a knowhow of the language, he started working in the age of fifteen years. His father had stated his own business after his birth and Samuel’s first work was the same as he started working in the textile factory of his father which was located in Ware. He worked for a long over there and invented many things.


Though he was not much educated but it can be said that his brain used to run a lot in such things and he proved this thing with his first invention when he built up a galvanic cell which was homemade. After that, he started working for the invention of revolver and invented it many shapes but later on succeeded in the final format.

Inventor of Revolver

Samuel Colt is the inventor of Revolver and he is considered as the one who laid the foundation of modern type of revolvers and guns. He invented the revolver and kept working on it to bring it in a much better shape and hence got succeeded in that to finalize its shape to current format.


Revolver can be said as that it is one of very good arms used for fires so can be considered as a firearm.  It is used in repetitive method and consists of a cylinder which revolves around and that is the reason of naming it as a revolver. This cylinder includes many chambers and with that kind of a barrel which is used for firing. Its original name is revolving gum but as we know that there can be other guns too with a revolving cylinder hence it is named and accepted as revolver all around the world.


He died in the year of 1862 on January 10th. He was almost 47 years of age at the time of his death.