Steven Sassoon Founder of Digital Camera
Steven Sassoon Founder of Digital Camera

Biography of Steven Sassoon

The founder of Digital Camera Steven Sassoon was conceived on July 4, 1950. He is living in the state of America. Steven is the person who was qualified as an electrical engineering and was also the founder of digital camera. Steven designed the very first digital camera in the era of 1975 and he designed with the Eastman Kodak. This first digital camera only can measure the 8 smacker (3.6 kg) and it contains only 0.01 image sensing capacity.

Early Life and Education

Steven birth place is Brooklyn, New York. He is the son of Ragnhild Tomine. Norwegian is mother of Steven. Steven done his (BS) in 1972 and successfully complete his (MS) in the subjects of electrical engineering from the foundation of Rensselaer Polytechnic.


Steven Sassoon starts his career in 1975 with the wide project given by his Eastman Kodak Company superintendent, Gareth A. The project was to use charge coupled device (CCD) to design the digital camera. The U.S. Patent prize the Steven first digital camera with 4,131,919. Steven move to work to give the benefits to the company of Eastman Kodak with the intellectual capital.

Digital Camera

Steven designs the very first digital camera in the era of 1975 and he designs with the Eastman Kodak Company. This camera only can measure the 8 smacker (3.6 kg) and it contains only 0.01 image sensing capacity. The captured pictures save in the manner of audio cassette or video cassette and the procedure of capturing saving only contains 23 seconds. This digital camera captured the pictures in gray scale manner.

Initially apply camera tube formerly, after than it made the signal digitized. The initial use of digital camera was used by armed force and technological research. In the era of 1990s or after this digital camera made common among the people. Moreover, in the middle era of 2000 the digital camera turns with the film camera, or the cell phones also having the segregate digital cameras.

Awards and Honors

Steven got the prize of National Medal of Technology and Innovation from the U.S. President Barack Obama in November 17, 2009 at the White House in the celebration of East Room.  The U.S. government gave the wide prizes to all inventors, engineers and scientists. The Society of Royal Photographic present prize of Progress star to Steven and gave him the award of Social Science Adjunct Academics in the identification of digital camera with wider sense to enhance the picture of technological development.


Steven Sassoon starts work as the employee of intellectual capital for the protection of Eastman Kodak Company. In 2010 Leica Camera AG awarded the Steven on indicating the specific number of copies that is 18 megapixel corrosion camera (chase accompanied by the identification 4,000,000) throughout the course of photo kina.


Although nowadays many innovation and improvement is made in cameras which are producing far better result than the camera invented by Steven Sassoon but he has gained so much importance as he actually the inventor of camera.