Subhash Chandra Founder of Zee Entertainment Enterprises
Subhash Chandra Founder of Zee Entertainment Enterprises

Biography of Subhash Chandra

Subhash Chandra basically belongs to India Media. He has his own channel and the reason for his fame is media. He was an Indian and he belongs to Hinduism. And he also contributed in the field of politics. But he didn’t joined any political party but

Early Life

Subhash Chandra founder of Zee Entertainment Enterprises was born on 30th November, 1950. As far as education is concerned, he didn’t complete his education and didn’t have any sort of degree. He was unable to complete his education because he is a dropout from twelfth standard.

Personal Life

His parent’s names were Prabhavati Devi (mother) and Janakinath Bose (father) respectively. He married to Sushila Devi and his Children name was  Punit Goenka, Amit Goenka.


Entry into Media World

His entry in the world of media was through the introduction of his and his country’s first satellite channel, which he introduced in 1992 with the name Zee TV. He also launched the first private channel in terms of news channel of his country. He was also given Emmy Award for his work in 2011.

As a Philanthropist

He was also a philanthropist. He founded a foundation for poor people with the name TALEEM which stands for Transitional Alternate Learning for Emancipation and Empowerment through multimedia. It was a program which helped poor people living at distance from big cities who have no or a little access to education and learn through multimedia.  He also remained the chairman of a foundation of India that worked for eliminating the illiteracy from rural and backward areas of the country. That foundation was named as the Ekal Vidyala Foundation. The work of that foundation was to provide education for free to almost 11 million children of more than 39769 villages of 21 states of the country by opening one-teacher school in each village.

Another foundation run by him is named ad the Global Vipassana, which works for helping people to increase and boost up their spiritual quotient. He also remained the chairman of Global Foundation for Civilization Harmony (GFCH), India. It works for the cultural beliefs and issues all over the country.

Founder of Zee Entertainment Enterprises

It was started by Mr. Subhash Chandra by introducing private channels from 1992 onwards. The company with name Zee Entertainment was actually started from 15th December 1991. Until 2006, this company was known as Zee Telefilms, onwards it was renamed as ZEEL. It was then divided into four categories of channels based on entertainment and news broadcasting.

Zee Entertainment Enterprises

Zee Entertainment Enterprises is the entertainment industry of India. It’s headquarter is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It was founded by Subhash Chandra, who is also the managing director and chairman of the industry. Its chief executive officer is Puneet Goenka. It is famous all-around the world with more than 700 million viewers throughout the world and being broadcasted in more than 169 countries of the globe. It is also the second largest entertainment and media company of India.

Controversy Regarding His Company

There is a controversy regarding his two channels, Zee News and Zee Business. An owner of a steel mill of India sued these two channels for demanding illegal money for not to broadcast negative news about their company. The owner of that company sued them into court and on 28th November of 2012, the heads of a channel Zee Business were found guilty and arrested by the crime branch of India.


At present he is at the age of 66. And he is now living in Mumbai, India. The Net worth of this person is US$ 4.6 billion.