Types of Research Question
Types of Research Question

There are several types of research questions based on their nature and applicability.

Descriptive: This type of research questions usually describe what exists and what is going on. These types of questions are asked in a descriptive research. e.g. What are characteristics of Model ABC? [1,2,3].

Relational / Observational: This type of research questions are made when a study compares the relationship between two or more variables. e.g. How much noise can destroy the signal?. In this question we study the relationship between noise and signal power [2,3].

Causal: This type of research questions is made when a study determines whether one or more variables causes or affect the outcomes variables. e.g. Does, change in delay, effects bandwidth? In this question we study the effect on one variable w.r.t change the in the other variable [1,2,3].

Theoretical: This type of research questions is used in a study where a full set of facts is explored that causes a condition, event or process. e.g. Why Modal ABC is better than Model XYZ? Look the answers of this question in literature and come up with your own answer [3].

Policy Arguments: This type of research questions is about asking that whether one policy is better than other? How this policy finds his objectives as well as considerations of cost and benefit analysis model. e.g. Is it better to incorporate attribute A or Attribute B in model ABC? And why is so? [3].

Normative: This type of research questions is asked about preference and values about what ought to happen. e.g. Will 3G be a good step towards advancement in communication in Pakistan? [3].

Predictive: In this type of research question we are asked what the likelihood of happening something? e.g. Will the sale person problem be solved in next few years? Here we will talk about some factors, by which our prediction can be true [3].

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