Why research
Why research

We have to make decisions in our daily life where common sense comes into play. Decisions are made on the basis of our personal experiences as well as what we have learnt from others experiences. Sometime we do not have enough experience of something as well as we have not learnt enough from others experiences. Sometime there are also conflicting opinions about what could be better solution in some particular situation. Sometime individual solutions cannot work well so there is need to merge multiple solutions effectively for better solution. In this kind of situation we need to do research to find optimal solution to solve a problem.

Doing research have both individual and collective advantages which are as follows.

To learn something new [1]

To challenge your abilities [1]

To solve a problem/issue/question

To create, develop and refine ideas, services and products [2]

To develop innovative problem solving and communication skills [3]

To develop an ability to take on task and finish them [3]

To develop the ability of working in the team environment

To serve community

To complete thesis

To publish papers

To get project funding

To attend conferences

To get promotions quickly

To get better faculty positions

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