Difference between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence
Difference between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence

Difference between artificial intelligence and human intelligence is hot top recently.  In any field, either profession or education intelligence is very important. We must have heard the words like Artificial Intelligence is trying to reach upto the human intelligence. Technology is emerging day by day, scientists are more and more interested in making something innovative. Artificial intelligence and robots are being joined, computers and machines are created that are synonymous to both humans and animals by efforts employed together. By default robots are coined as “intelligent” as robotics research is used for their movement, and intelligent robots can be developed by employing Artificial Intelligence (AI). Its major function is to add some human like qualities in robotics, so that they can be able to mimic humans. We can find this analogy in many things like toys, such as robotic pets. There are other forces who are in favor of combining both in order to have complete indispensable product. This post will reveal the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence in critical ways.

What is Human Intelligence?

Human intelligence is something natural, nothing is artificial in it. In all fields, intelligence is something differently perceived and differently acquired. More specifically, human intelligence is something related to the adaption of various other cognitive process in order to have specific environment. Due to which cognitive computing has emerged as a hot area of research these days. In human intelligence, the word ”intelligence” plays a vital role because intelligence is with them all it’s need to think and make a step by step plan for performing certain tasks. It’s a natural blessing that is with humans since their birth and no one can replace it except GOD.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is designed to add human like qualities in machines, e.g. robots are the most common example of it. Artificial intelligence major function is to make the robots to mimic or act like human beings. In short, we can say that it’s basically working to make robots a good of copier of humans. Researchers are all time busy in making up a mind that can behave like a human mind, they are putting efforts in doing this task now a days. Similar to computers they are installing a hard disk in robots so that they can memorize things and can act like humans at specific situations. Weak AI is the thinking focused towards the development of technology gifted with carrying out pre-planned moves based on some rules and applying these to achieve a certain movement or goal. Strong AI is emerging technology that can think and function same as like humans, not just imitating human behavior in a certain area.

Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence

What’s actual difference underlying? By combining both definitions from the tunnel of technology we can say that human intelligence works naturally and make up a certain thought by adding different cognitive processes. On the other hand, Artificial intelligence are on the way to make up a model that can behave like humans which seems impossible because nothing can replace a natural thing into an artificial thing. But in last 10 years the way artificial intelligence research progressed make us feel that there is something very strange will be happening in coming years. Although robots are still not able to be humans but they are working in the automated industries like automobile industry in Japan and have replaced humans. Even in some restaurants robots are taking orders and delivering food. The new era is also trying to bring auto driven cars with the help of GPS technology. In medical, it is found that machines can operate well as well in some certain situations where humans cant due to having emotions.

Major differences surely lies in!

  • Human intelligence is analogue as work in the form of signals and artificial intelligence is digital, they majorly works in the form of numbers.
  • Humans can improvise the robots cant improvise.
  • Humans uses content memory and thinking whereas, robots are using the built in instructions, designed by scientists.
  • There is a distinction in hardware and software thing in human working mind. Their intelligence is not based on hardware and software based limitations.
  • Human body have a brain connected to each part of body in a very complex way that so far medical science is not able to alter any part of human brain.
  • One of the most important difference is we say that human intelligence is bigger because its creation of God and artificial intelligence as the name suggests is artificial, little and temporary created by humans.
  • Human intelligence is reliable whereas Artificial intelligence can be vulnerable to hardware and software bugs sometime. Although there are people who argues that Humans makes more mistakes as compared to robots.
  • Humans intelligence is the real creator of the artificial intelligence even but they can not create human being with superiority.
  • Human beings inherit their intelligence from the womb of their mother even which robots can never.
  • Human intelligence is based on the variants they encounter in life and responses they get which may result in millions of functions over all in their lives. However, for Artificial intelligence is defined or developed for specific tasks only and its applicability on other tasks may not be easily possible.
  • Artificial intelligence can beat human intelligence in some specific areas such as in Chess a super computer has beaten the human player due to being able to store all the moves played by all humans so far and being able to think ahead 10 moves as compared to human play who can think 10 steps ahead but can not store and retrieve that number of moves in Chess.
  • Emotional quotient and intelligence quotient of human intelligence in all aspects of life is way better than the artificial intelligence.

Concluding the whole discussion, we can sum up that both have a huge difference between each other, one is natural, other is completely opposite. Scientists are trying hard to come up at high level artificial intelligence but one thing is clear that what GOD has made no one else can replace it for sure. I am sure you will have your thoughts about the difference between artificial intelligence and human intelligence, may be they are very intuitive.