Garrett Camp Founder of Stumble Upon, Uber and Expa
Garrett Camp Founder of Stumble Upon, Uber and Expa

Biography of Garrett Camp

Garrett M. Camp founder of Stumble Upon, Uber and Expa (conceived on October 4, 1978). He is running business on the State of Canada. Garrett establishes the Stumble Upon, it is the online net designing site which consist on more than 25 million people lodge. In 2002, When Garrett was in school of graduate he establish Uber, anytime car service facility provide with the Smartphone cell application. He worked as the administrative head of Stumble Upon or Uber.

Early Life and Education

Garrett birth placed is Canada. Garrett M. Camp accomplished his undergraduate degree from the University of Calgary in the subjects of Electrical Engineering and done graduation in the subjects of Software Engineering. Here Garrett study on systems i.e. information about how to stored material in computer system, Crossover Operator system and to help employees who are working on similar tasks.


Garrett M. Camp started his career with the first invention of Stumble Upon. After this, he founded Uber and Expa. He invest money in many other companies but some are mentioned here i.e. a music sharing application run by Steve Jang, Will Call a live music ticket buying application, a network for those whom have skills to do by Scott Belsky. Garrett also takes the award of TR35 in the queue of top founders in the age of thirty-five form Technologies Conference at MIT in 2007.

Stumble Upon

Garrett M. Camp established first online website soapbox and customize exhortation application. In 2002, he was the chief executive officer of Stumble Upon. At the time of 2006, Stumble Upon moved to San Francisco for taking venture capital financing from Silicon Valley angels. The eBay company earned Stumble Upon with $75 million in 2007 and after sometime it is spun-out, to become a once again individualistic organization in 2009. He started his organization with more than one hundred workers and with more than 25 million people lodge. However, Stumble Upon registered in 50 upgrading websites of TIME’s and all should consist on iPad applications in 2013.


Uber is the every time available facility with the Smartphone cell application. Initially Garrett named Uber as UberCab and took the $250k for administrative services on the seed round. Garrett made and established the initial preliminary device with his developing workers. They are Travis Kalanick (worked as the chief executive officer), Ryan Graves (worked as the chief operation officer), Oscar Salazar (worked as the helper) and Conrad Whelan (worked as the software engineer) at the middle time of 2009.

In 2010, Uber established in San Francisco with some little bit cars on the roads and at the end of 2010, Uber elevated to a higher position with $1.25 million from angel investors. The purpose of Uber is to provide personal driver to people and in the middle of 2012Gatterr established UberX and Uber SUV. These facilities provided to people to purchase it in cheaper rates and people can get more choices in getting cars. After sometime, he established the service of Uber TAXI for the drivers to run taxi with some rent from people.


In 2013, Garrett M. Comp established Expa, indicating 10 years of work experience then he is able to run a strong business. Expa is the new established business workplace where worked have done with operator to prosper and introduce up to date products. However, with the passage of time or a time of after ten years Garrett or Expa organization decided to spotlight those organizations have Smartphone cell application around the working way.

Expa take higher investment with $50 million to establish the fund and in progress of present organizations. The people or companies whom invest they are TGP founder David Bonder man, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg, Booking. Com Chairman Kees Koolen and many others are included.


In 2015, it recorded that Garrett is the 28th wealthy individual of the world. Almost US$5.3 billion money in his custody and it was declared by the Forbes.